The Attaignant Consort. Left to right; Joao Santos, Giuditta Isoldi, Amanda Markwick, and Kate Clark. (Photo by Ola Renska)

These select programmes are available for booking:

Le Parler et le Silence

The “new” instrumental music of the 17th century: fantasias, ricercars, and canzonas for 3-and 4-part consort; ensemble and solo airs de cour from Paris (probably the last vocal form to be adopted by the flute consort); and then, crossing the bridge to the 18th century, pieces for two and three early baroque flutes, with theorbo –the lingering echo of the consort principle.

The Musical Heart of Luther

This programme weaves congregational song (in which the listeners are invited to join us!) in among polyphonic works of sacred and secular origin, and celebrates creative cross-fertilisation between different musical cultures and social groupings of sixteenth-century Europe, in folk songs, hymns, motets, and lute songs, largely (but not entirely) in instrumental renditions.

Madame d’amours

Music from the golden age of the renaissance transverse-flute consort, from the courts of Henry VIII, the Holy Roman Emperor Kaiser Maximillian, François I of France, the House of Hapsburg, and Medici Florence. This programme presents music from manuscripts and the earliest printed music for consort, from London, Nuremberg, Madrid, Paris, Florence, and Rome.