Festival Oude Muziek 2020


Presenting music from Dufay to Sweelinck, the Attaignant Consort is proud to be back on stage at the Festival Oude Muziek 2020! Catch Kate Clark, João Carlos Santos, and Pablo Sosa del Rosario at one of the four concerts listed on our Concerts page.

The Renaissance Flute: A Contemporary Guide


An exciting announcement: The Renaissance Flute: A Contemporary Guide, by Kate Clark and Amanda Markwick, will be released by Oxford University Press on August 28, 2020. You can now pre-order on Amazon or the OUP homepage!

Authors Amanda Markwick and Kate Clark

The short description of our book, from OUP: “The renaissance flute, with its rich history, stunning repertoire, and mellow tone, has attracted a significant following among flutists, whether they specialize in modern flute or historical instruments. Yet, actually delving into the study of renaissance flute has proven a challenge – there exists a confusing array of editions of renaissance music, specialized (and often expensive) facsimiles of manuscripts and early prints, and in unfamiliar notations, while at the same time there is a dearth of resources for beginners. Confronting this challenge with the first ever practitioners’ handbook for renaissance flute, Kate Clark and Amanda Markwick offer flutists of all levels a clear and accessible introduction to the world and repertoire of the instrument. In The Renaissance Flute: A Contemporary Guide, Clark and Markwick cover all aspects, from practicalities such as buying and maintaining the instrument, to actual music for solo and group performance, to theory designed to improve the understanding and playing of renaissance polyphony. This approach enables students to immerse themselves at their own pace and build on their skills with each chapter. With nearly 40 full pages of exercises, and a companion website with recorded examples and filmed instructions from the authors, The Renaissance Flute provides professionals and newcomers alike a new entryway into the world and practice of renaissance music.”

Orgelpark Attaignant Consort Portret

De magische ervaring van een renaissancefluit

Jolanda Breur

Als musicus gespecialiseerd in de historische fluit speel je op verschillende fluitinstrumenten. Maar één is er koning, volgens Kate Clark van het Attaignant Consort. En die krijgt ruim baan op 7 december in het Orgelpark.


Het is een eenvoudig, cilindrisch instrument, uit één stuk hout gemaakt. Er komen geen klepjes of metaal aan te pas. Het heeft zes vingergaatjes, is niet te stemmen en toch kun je er alles mee spelen wat in de vijftiende en zestiende eeuw geschreven is. Zelfs de meest virtuoze diminuties. De klank is bijzonder en zacht als fluweel. Wanneer de vier leden van het Attaignant Consort op hun renaissancefluit spelen, is het alsof … MEER